Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Missing their Papa

My dad is my children's "Papa". They love their Papa! He does all the funny things with them that he used to do with my sister and I when we were kids.

My dad never ran out of songs to sing in the car. He'd break out his best singing voice for "Five Little Speckled Frogs" or "On Top of Spaghetti". We never needed HD radio when the three of us were in the truck. We always rode in style, and in tune to our favorite kids songs.

My dad was a master magician. He could make coins come out of our ears and buckeye nuts disappear quick-as-a-wink. He could even pull your nose right off of your face between his two fingers. He'll show you, too, just ask him.

My dad's "selective hearing" has always made him the funniest guy in town. He'd recount a story he'd heard at the bowling alley with not even one correct piece of information. When we told him we had got "new shoes", he asked to see which one was our "loose tooth". He was totally serious, but we'd double over laughing at what made no sense at all.

My dad's idea of fun was going to the park for the evening, spending time with his mother (love you grandma!), gushing about my mom's good cooking while he finished off his second plate, and cheering us on at every sporting event we participated in.

He's such a great dad. And a great Papa, too! Which is why my girls miss him so much.

So much, in fact, that they've taken up acting like him... which can be scary, at times (in a silly way, of course).

Like the other day: Audrey and I had mixed up some muffins, and put them in the oven while we ate dinner. The oven beeped, JJ pulled the muffins out of the oven, and tipped the muffin pan towards the table for all to see. "Lookie," he said. "Ohhhh," we replied. When Mallory had cleaned her plate, she said, "I'm ready for a cookie." We all looked at each other strangely. Where on earth did she come up with that? "Lookie", "cookie". Oh boy! Looks like Papa's genes are running through her blood. Wasn't she sad to learn there were no cookies!

And on the very same day: The girls and I went to the grocery store (don't try this on your own... ever) and on the way home. I hear this conversation in the back of the car:
Audrey: "Look Mallory."
Mallory: "What is it?"
Audrey: "It's your nose. I got it in my fingers. See?"
Mallory: "Where is it?"
Audrey: "Right hear. See? I got your nose."
I just laughed to myself, and remember when I was two and my sister was four. I'm sure my dad had taught that to us by that age, too. And, in a funny way, I'm glad my kids know that trick! In fact, I hope they can learn many more silly tricks from their Papa.

Yes, that's right, my kids love their Papa. They miss their Papa. And more and more lately, they act like their Papa.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hindsight is 20/20

Had I known this would happen...

I would not have left my then-two-year-old alone with her BFF
while the mommies watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Yeah...I know!

So instead of mommy-movie-time...
one mommy did this...

while the other mommy (me) got to clean up these...
Good Gravy! Why is my daughter covered in paint?

Thank you, Crayola, for making your paint washable.
Because hindsight... is 20/20.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Catching Up in Pictures

Wow! Back to school has me so busy. I hardly have time to post anymore. So, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Audrey started PreK. Don't call it preschool, or she'll correct you. She loves her new teachers, her new room, and her new class has three toads named after the Jonas brothers. She told me last week they were looking for another toad to name Frankie?!? Sometimes I just don't ask. Last week, she was the weather girl in her class. She made us watch the weather channel in the evenings, so she would know what to tell her class. That channel is extremely boring, but I was all smiles at my budding researcher. There was also a lot of fog that week, so the whole class talked about what fog was.

Mallory moved up to the older toddler class. She has buddied up with a little girl and they cause all sorts of havoc. Last week, I picked her up the teacher said, "If you are wondering why her hands are purple, it's because she kept putting them in the stamp pads." Yesterday it was, "I was just changing another friend's diaper when Mallory and (aforementioned buddy) decided to get the paint out. That's why she's in new clothes. Sorry!" Mallory Kathleen!!! I have no idea where she learned to get paint out on her own. None of you readers have seen the pictures from Audrey's paint exploration days, right?? That's a whole blog post in itself. Oh well, thank
goddness our money allows them to paint at school and not at home, so these mishaps are not on our watch or our carpet/furniture/walls.

Moving on... Audrey is playing soccer.

She's still adjusting to the terms "out-of-bounds", "goal kick", and "We're going THAT WAY!" But she sure looks cute in her Eastwood Eagles uniform.

An appropriate caption for the next picture could be "Go Eagles", but since all the teams are Eagles, hmmm, the caption just doesn't fit. "Go Coach Jay and Coach Lee's Team"!

Mommy and Daddy got to go on a getaway without the kiddos. We went to one of
our favorite destinations, the Horseshoe in Columbus, Ohio.
We watched The Best Damn Band In The Land enter the stadium.

And everyone's favorite, Brutus the Buckeye.

We waited in large masses to enter the stadium. I thought we were going to miss
my favorite part, but alas, we found our seats in time for Script Ohio.

The fans were crazy, and spirit was high, and the momentum was in our favor for most of the game. They did lose in the last two minutes of the game, but I don't think I'll attend another game as exciting as that one was. Even JJ said the crowd was more pumped than any Ohio State/Michigan game he has been to. I really enjoyed every minute and look forward to going again. Maybe this season?!?

One more thing, Miss Mallory is sleeping in a Big Girl Bed now! She's very excited about it, until bedtime. She does not like to slow down, or quit playing when it's time for lights out. Same as her sister. Monkey see, monkey do. And speaking of monkeys...

we have the cutest ones in the whole jungle!

Don't you agree?



Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Idlewild, PA

Good ol' Idlewild. Our favorite summer hot spot.

A place where sisters actually act like best friends.

A place where one-year-olds are within legal driving age.

A place where dinosaurs fly.

A place where bikers girls pose for pictures.

And just when you think there's no more fun to be had...

You enter the Soak Zone!

Great way to cool off after a hot, hot, hot day of fun in the sun.

We love Idlewild in the sum, sum, summertime.


There's Magic in the Air

When your photo session goes like this...

And turns out like this...

You know there's magic in the air!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sauder Village

Last week, we went to Sauder Village with some friends of ours. It is a historic park donated to show life and times from Native Americans in Ohio through pioneers of 1910. They have a little barber shop, cooper's shop, basket weaving shop, broom shop, cabinet making shop, etc. You can go in each shop and learn about that place during that time period.
Here are the girls looking out a window. Peek-A-Boo!

All four girls loved the covered wagon. And it only took six minutes to get a worthy picture!
Here they are getting eggs from the pretend chicken coop.
Mallory wore the chicken coop rings. Quite proudly, I might add.

Here we are in the Little Pioneer House.

So as you can see, our summers are full of fun. And we wouldn't have it any other way!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Prayers for Stellan

Please pray for Stellan, as he is not doing well.

Read about this miracle baby at