Monday, July 27, 2009

"Not My Child" Monday - 7/27/09

My precious children. They're so sweet and well-behaved. Just look at them...

Sigh. The definition of INNOCENCE!

They've left me with nothing to blog about this week.

Oh yeah, except for this...
(check out the multicolored knot on this kid's forehead! Complete with probably-scaring wound.)
It's even 3D, protruding off her head in mere seconds after kissing the corner of the coffee table!

Oh, and believe me, she wasn't this happy when it happened.

I mean if this would have happened, she would not have been happy about it.

Thank goodness it didn't!

Not to my child.

And not the be outdone by her little sis, Big Sis also had a very calm week.

She went off the diving board at swimming lessons.

She even remembered to stop at the end of the dive for the next directions from the instructor. I mean, she absolutely did not just walk off the end of the dive before anyone was ready to catch her. That would have caused her to go extremely too far underwater, and resurface like a million seconds later coughing up pool water. I mean who would do something so senseless.

Not my child.

After all, my children are clearly the definition of INNOCENCE!



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