Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Beautiful Babies

OMG! Audrey and I are off to Europe in two days (Thursday, to be exact). We are mostly packed, mostly prepared, mostly excited, and entirely sad to be away from our husband and baby, or daddy and sister.

Before our big trip, though, we had a wonderful visit with my very good friend, Michelle, and her beautiful babies. You heard me right, plural! Landon and Kaelyn were just about the cutest things I ever did see. They arrived, starving, from a long car ride from Dayton. After gobbling their yummy bottles, they settled in playing on the floor.

My kiddos loved watching them kick their little toes and make adorable baby grunts. Mallory especially took to putting their binkies back in their mouth EVERY time they fell out! What a helper she is! So focused, even if it is on her own agenda. Minor detail.

Then the babes snuggled up like love bugs and took a little snooze.

Aren't they adorable?

What better way to fall in love, than to fall in love twice as much, twice as quickly, and twice as unconditionally. Congratulations Ryan and Michelle! And thanks for the wonderful visit!



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